Dear Business Owner,

Now is the time to join and appear on the upcoming map.
More than 100 antique shops appear on our maps, and the vast majority are returning clients. Many have been advertising with us longer than ten years; a few longer than thirty years! They all recognize that the maps bring customers, shoppers, and travelers. Odds are, you have picked up one of our maps
and used it, so you already know from first-hand experience that the maps work.

Here is how The Mapbook works:
• Your shop is located on a clearly labeled map of highways and streets, together with other shops.
• The details of your shop are listed in four lines, or in a large color display advertisement.
• An attractive map of your geographic area is designed, proofed, and printed.
• The map is distributed by the thousands to shoppers through businesses, visitor centers, chambers of commerce, and antique shows.
• Your entry and map appear on our website, www.antiquemapbook.com.

The Mapbook provides shops with two options for annual participation:
1. Display Ad
A display ad gives your shop’s entry a unique look. Along with the increase of size, the content is entirely up to you–artwork, unique fonts, bold type, and special boxes are among the many options. And, best of all, you can use color.
12-month service, map detailing, & all shipping included
1.5” x 3” $399
2” x 3” $514
For rates of larger sizes of display advertisements, please contact The Mapbook.
Please email your advertising copy in pdf, jpeg or other agreed-upon formats to
2. Basic Listing
12-month service, four lines of text, each forty-eight spaces long $189
Optional Upgrades to the basic entry:
Color Logo $50
A box around information $35
Extra line(s) $30 (each)
Bold and enlarged title $30
Logo $25

Please call or email with questions or for further information.
Aaron Warfield

mapbookman@gmail.com 855-420-7477